Wines of Germany USA

Februar 2021

Every month, ‘Whose Wine is it Anyway?’ profiles a German winemaker to give you a behind-the-vines look at the world of German wine. This month, we’re highlighting Caroline Diel, winemaker and proprietor of Schlossgut Diel and a member of a new generation of winemakers. Schlossgut Diel, located in the Nahe, has been known for producing exceptional wines for seven generations, with Caroline carrying on “tradition that looks to the future.”

The Diel family’s rich history in winemaking began over two hundred years ago, when Peter Diel acquired the estate along with Layen Castle in 1802 from Baron von Dalberg (who had prevented its confiscation by Napoleon’s troops in 1789). While the castle estate originally focused on mixed agriculture, it was gradually converted to viticulture over the generations since. Schlossgut Diel found real success as a winery with the help of Armin and Monika Diel. As a sixth generation winemaker, Armin Diel oversaw the winery’s transition to focus on traditional Nahe grape varieties: Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Blanc. Armin is regarded as a highly-acclaimed Riesling producer in Germany, and the winery is one of the few that still vinifies wines from each Grosses Gewächs site at each level of the Pradikät system.