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Grauburgunder from Pinot Gris
There are few things more popular in Germany than Pinot Blanc, but Grauburgunder—known in France as Pinot Gris and in Italy as Pinot Grigio—may fit the bill. The variety, which is primarily produced in a dry profile here, has stoked the Burgundy-hype in Germany with its rich range of aromas, intense structure, and spiciness. What a Pinot Gris is best drunk with depends not least on its profile. The fresh and approachable Nahesteiner Grauburgunder is a wonderful paring with appetizers, poultry, and fish. Our Pinot Gris Réserve, by contrast, is more mature and shines brightest with richer fare such as hearty fish and meat dishes.

Grauburgunder from Schlossgut Diel:

• Nahesteiner® Grauburgunder VDP.Gutswein
Refined Spice & Chiseled Structure—A bouquet of spicy herbs and almond accents. Perfect balance, chiseled body, mineral spice on the finish. A quintessential pairing partner to rich appetizers, poultry as well as veal and a range of fish dishes.

• Pinot Gris Réserve
Power & Spicy Elegance—The nose recalls fresh acacia flowers and quince, minerality, and accents of roasted hazelnuts and wild herbs. A juicy, yet surprisingly elegant, body, creamy structure, beautifully integrated acidity, and a delicately spicy finish. The ideal pairing to rich fish and meat dishes. The saline finish is also a beautiful compliment to many cream sauces.

• Diel de Diel® VDP.Gutswein (blend of Weißburgunder, Grauburgunder and a bit of Riesling)
Diel it Diel—An enchanting dry blend marked with beautiful spice. With the fruitiness of Weißburgunder, the juicy power of Grauburgunder, and the freshness and elegance of Riesling. The finish is marked with an elegant spice and notable fruit. The wine to fit any occasion! Aperitif, celebration, summer get-together... An extremely versatile wine!

• Prestige Cuvée—Victor
The best barrels of Weißburgunders and Grauburgunders! Creamy & Opulent Structure—Aromas of apricot and peach, as well as hints of pineapple and lychee mingle with a delicate minerality and spice redolent of herbes de Provence. With its juicy body, elegant structure, and incredible length, this blend makes an exceptional pairing with seafood and both freshwater and ocean fish. Poultry and veal also offer enough weight to pair with a wine of equal parts concentration and minerality.

• Prestige Cuvée Mo VDP.SEKT.PRESTIGE®
Refined Power—The nose recalls notes of baking brioche, wild herbs, and dried apricots. Juicy and cellarable. The perfect balance of power and refinement. The ideal companion for gourmet fish dishes, veal, and poultry, as well as complex Asian fare.