Welcome to Schlossgut Diel!

My family has been making wine here for seven generations, and now it’s my turn to lead. The Nahe region is ideal for our Rieslings, Pinot Noirs and Pinot Blancs. The vines are old and lend a character completely unique to this place. I love the challenge of drawing out their best and learning just how much remains to discover even here in this familiar ground. In fact, I can imagine no greater gift than sharing that joy with family, friends and wine lovers. Welcome!


»Heart and hand craftsmanship« – a cinematic joy

March 2023  

Float with us for 7 minutes in the 7th (wine) heaven! Our new film embodies every aspect of the Diels’ elixir of life, from the bud to the bottle: passion for wine, vineyards, and phenomenal terroir.  


It's official: We are now ‘traditional sekt producers’!

February 2023  

THIS YEAR IS OFF TO A SPARLING START: We’ve just received brilliant news from the Verband der traditionellen Sektmacher e.V.: “Your application to join has been unanimously approved and it was a joy to taste your sekts.”


The French have fine taste

February 2023  

… as anyone lucky enough to try Sylvain's cooking can attest.


Our Diel-osophy:

Power, authenticity, quality!

Mineral-driven Rieslings, refined Pinot Noirs, sublime Pinot Blancs: such treasures can only come from the soils of the Nahe region! And the critics agree:   


VDP with heart and soul!

We're proud to belong to the Verband Deutscher Prädikats- und Qualitätsweingüter (VDP), a collection of the finest winegrowing estates in Germany!


Fast delivery worldwide...

We deliver worldwide. You can contact us at any time.   


»The wealth of terroir«

The Diel family has been cultivating their little stretch of the Nahe region since 1802. Few places on earth offer so many different soils in such an incredibly compact area — making it virtually predestined for fine winegrowing. Caroline Diel appreciates just how blessed she is to work with this wealth of terroirs. She loves the minerality of her Rieslings, the finesse of her Pinot Noirs and the complexity of her Pinot Blancs. 

What distinguishes a Diel wine? The diversity of the soils, a climate that is nearly Mediterranean and the unerring hand of its expert winemaker. Three factors in beautiful harmony. Each vineyard has its own distinctly characteristic soil, thanks to the primordial stone of the Permian age: loessy clay, quartzite, gravel and slate.


»Heart and hand craftsmanship« – a cinematic joy

Float with us for 7 minutes in the 7th (wine) heaven! Our new film embodies every aspect of the Diels’ elixir of life, from the bud to the bottle: passion for wine, vineyards, and phenomenal terroir. All in the unique Schlossgut Diel atmosphere. Caroline and Sylvain take you along on a fascinating plunge into the vineyard and cellar, with insights into their lives and work.

What Producers are saying

The Raumland family drinks DIEL

»Since 1984, we have been dedicated to creating high-quality sparkling wines using traditional bottle fermentation. We put our passion for sparkling wine into everything we do. Passion for sparkling wine is what drives us - and what we want to ignite in others.«

»This sparkling wine reflects the "Diel" passion for high quality sparkling wine! We like the aroma of fresh brioche and the power of this sparkling wine. A terrific food companion!«


»Winemaking in harmony with nature«

Hours and days on the hill. Pruning the vines. Teasing out the essence of the soils. Followed by harvest, and then the cellar work. Modern technology plays a very limited role in this. Almost everything is done by hand. Schlossgut Diel practices sustainable winemaking, in harmony with nature. Its ancient vineyards are more than just a home for Caroline. They are also an unfathomable bounty from which she seeks to draw the very best, year after year. Through carefully honed instinct, hard work and judicious intervention at the right moment.  

Better to open a bottle of wine than a barrel!