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The French have fine taste

February 2023  

… as anyone lucky enough to try Sylvain's cooking can attest.



Jul1 2020
Preserve the old, dare to make something new! This is true of our flagship wine »Diel de Diel«, a cuvée of juicy Pinot Blanc, spicy Pinot Gris and fresh Riesling. This unique wine has been an incredible success story that began even before its premiere in Lufthansa Business Class.


Terroir & Adiletten: The first time, redux!

February 2023  

It’s been 1.5 years (and 73 episodes) since Caroline first sat with top sommelier Willi Schlögl and wine aficionado Rapper Curly for the premier episode of the podcast "Terroir & Adiletten".


»Heart and hand craftsmanship« – a cinematic joy

March 2023  

Float with us for 7 minutes in the 7th (wine) heaven! Our new film embodies every aspect of the Diels’ elixir of life, from the bud to the bottle: passion for wine, vineyards, and phenomenal terroir.  


The 2020 Vintage

January 2021

A third straight very dry and very warm year pushed our vines to the limit. Thanks in no small part to their old, deep roots and a solid replenishment of the water table back in February, they passed the test with flying colors. 


The VINUM "Who's who" of German wine !

March 2022
In vino veritas! That's what the makers of VINUM magazine think, too. Each year they select Germany's 25 defining wine personalities.


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