Traditional family recipes à la Taurisson


Mai 2023  

Der wahrgewordene Traum aus Himbeeren, Quark und Mandeln – natürlich à la Sylvain.


Quiche aux 3 fromages

March 2023  

A quiche is an unsweetened shortbread baked in a round shallow dish with a savory filling. In this recipe, there are three cheeses that make Sylvain's quiche so distinctively delicious. 


Sylvain’s recipes x TundA*

February 2023  

Matching to our TundA* x Diel wine-package, Sylvain has conjured up an exclusive 3-course menu – which is Curly and Willi-approved! Bon appétit...



What Producers are saying

Cédric Moussé drinks DIEL

»As the 12th generations of winemakers, we think about every gesture to limit our impact on the environment. Nature is our tool, we must take care of it.«

»I love to enjoy the Goldloch Kabinett after a good meal. Its freshness, tension, fruitiness and light sweetness enliven the palate and make you feel good.«

Passion and craftsmanship!