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Nobly Sweet Rieslings

This range represents true rarities, held by many to be the crowning achievement of German viniculture. Nobly sweet Rieslings require special climatic conditions, as well as tremendous patience in the harvest and meticulous selection of the fruit. In return, they offer unfathomable aging potential. Beerenauslesen, Trockenbeerenauslesen, and Eiswein are the white wine classics of German wine culture, and are considered among the finest treasures that Schlossgut Diel has to offer. Given their typical (relatively high) residual sweetness, Auslese, Beerenauslese, and Trockenbeerenauslese are often served as dessert wines, ideally paired with a wide range of afters, fruit, and cakes. And a few decades of maturation transforms any Auslese into a delightful aperitif. Internationally as well, nobly sweet Rieslings are among the most highly sought after and traded wines. It can often take more than a few years for them to reach their optimal maturation. And their cellerability is nearly limitless. Schlossgut Diel offers a range of exceptional dessert Rieslings including:

• Dorsheim Riesling Auslese VDP.Ortswein
Nuanced & Exotic—Nuanced aromas reminiscent of dried apricots and peach, accents of tropical fruit; creamy concentration tightly laced with an elegant acidity that mingles with these delightful fruit aromas and lingers into a long finish. Ideal when paired with goose or duck terrine, or a cake of apple or pear. And after ten years of bottle aging makes for a stunning aperitif.

• GOLDLOCH Riesling Auslese VDP.Große Lage
A complex and cellarable Auslese with tropical fruit aromas, a juicy body, and beautiful balance! The GOLDLOCH’s grapes for our juicy Rieslings grow on XYZ ancient, gravel-rich soils from the Permian period. Traditional terraces and steep gradients measuring between 45-55% make this terrain a true labor of love. Perfect with goose or duck terrine, or with apple or pear cake.

• PITTERMÄNNCHEN Riesling Auslese VDP.Große Lage
Agile & Elegant—Our agile and elegant PITTERMÄNNCHEN Auslese reveals an enchanting bouquet of black currant and classic slate notes. The famous vineyard delivers elegant Rieslings with refined slate aromas, stunning minerality, and a delicate yet racy playfulness. Excellent when paired with goose or duck terrine. And after ten years of bottle aging it also makes for a stunning aperitif.

• GOLDLOCH Riesling Beerenauslese VDP.Große Lage
Character & Class—The wine reveals an intense bouquet of dried apricots, has a dignified concentration, with a delicately spicy structure and long finish. Perfect balance. Tremendous potential. Sensational pairing with goose or duck terrine and elegant desserts.