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Riesling Sekt Brut

Sekt is a sparkling affair, indeed. Certainly at Schlossgut Diel, which works with the “Méthode traditionelle,” as classic bottle fermentation is called in France. Caroline Diel makes many choices during production, reflecting her own passions and preferences, that ultimately define the quality of her sekt. This includes selective hand harvest, whole cluster pressing, gentle bottle fermentation, long lees contact, and hand riddling of each individual bottle... as is done in France, the homeland of Champagne. The raw materials for Schlossgut Diel’s exclusive sekt come from premium Riesling grapes sourced from the estate’s world-class sites. The natural minerality of the grapes make them excellent candidates for sekt production, joining passion and precision in the holy trinity that forms the foundation for Diel’s complex, finely moussed sekt.

• A sekt proudly labeled as “Brut Nature,” meaning a bone dry sekt made without dosage.
• The “Extra Brut” bottles, by contrast, are classic dry sekt with an expertly integrated acidity.
• “Brut” for us represents a Sekt with a beautifully balanced exchange of Riesling fruit and typicity.
• A "dry" Sekt tends to focus more on the fruit, with a delicate sweetness.

Sekt from Diel is produced exclusively from high-quality grapes from the estate’s own world-class Riesling sites, including:

• Riesling Réserve VDP.SEKT.PRESTIGE®
Sparkling Passion—Refined aromas of red currant and subtle accents of flint. Elegant body with a delicate mousse. A sparkling wine to inspire the palate and leave you wanting more. The perfect aperitif! Seafood, freshwater fish, and poultry are also delicious pairing partners.

• Goldloch Riesling VDP.SEKT.PRESTIGE®
Steadfast & Elegant—A sekt of refined leesiness, as well as hints of peach, a spicy minerality and a long finish. The perfect sekt for connoisseurs looking for a bottle of uncompromising elegance. A sophisticated aperitif. This sekt also makes for an exceptional pairing with fish and poultry.

At Diel as elsewhere, exceptions are sometimes needed to confirm the rule: Alongside their Riesling sekt, there is also one Diel sekt from Pinot grapes:

• Prestige Cuvée Mo VDP.SEKT.PRESTIGE®
Refined Power—The nose recalls notes of baking brioche, wild herbs, and dried apricots. Juicy and cellarable. The perfect balance of power and refinement. The ideal companion for gourmet fish dishes, veal, and poultry, as well as complex Asian fare.