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Weißburgunder from Pinot Blanc vines

The Burgunder varieties enjoyed a sudden bump in popularity back in the 80s, and their following has only continued to grow. One of the most popular white wines in Germany—and a truly trendy grape in recent years—is Weißburgunder, aka Pinot Blanc. There is almost twice as much Weißburgunder planted now compared with two decades ago. Yet it should be noted that Pinot Blanc is a challenging grape in its own right. Pinot Blanc vines like it warm, and love powerful, dry soils and excellent climatic conditions. All of which applies to Weißburgunder vines grown on the Nahe—ideal conditions that you can taste in each pour. Whether you prefer the refreshing drinkability of our Nahesteiner line or the salty, creamy notes of our Pinots Blanc and Gris, the opulence of these complex wines pairs beautifully with fresh fish and seafood. Weißburgunder at Schlossgut Diel:

• Pinot Blanc Réserve
Refined & Juicy Structure—Aromas reminiscent of pear and elderberry as well as suggestions of apricot. All tied up within a medium body, elegant structure, and juicy concentration. A thrilling minerality and delicate salinity mark the finish. This dry Weißburgunder is the ideal pairing partner to nearly all fish, whether freshwater or from the sea. Moreover, this Pinot Blanc is as rich as it is mineral, making it always delicious with poultry and veal.

• Diel de Diel® VDP.Gutswein (blend of Weißburgunder, Grauburgunder and a bit of Riesling)
Diel is Diel—An enchanting dry blend marked with beautiful spice. With the fruitiness of Weißburgunder, the juicy power of Grauburgunder, and the freshness and elegance of Riesling. The finish is marked with an elegant spice and notable fruit. The wine to fit any occasion! Aperitif, celebration, summer get-together... An extremely versatile wine!

• Prestige Cuvée—Victor
The best barrels of Weißburgunders and Grauburgunders! Creamy & Opulent Structure—Aromas of apricot and peach, as well as hints of pineapple and lychee mingle with a delicate minerality and spice redolent of herbes de Provence. With its juicy body, elegant structure, and incredible length, this blend makes an exceptional pairing with seafood and both freshwater and ocean fish. Poultry and veal also offer enough weight to pair with a wine of equal parts concentration and minerality.