It's official...


We are now ‘traditional sekt producers’! 

THIS YEAR IS OFF TO A SPARLING START: We’ve just received brilliant news from the Verband der traditionellen Sektmacher e.V.: “Your application to join has been unanimously approved and it was a joy to taste your sekts.” 

Can’t be much clearer than that: Our sekt production using the classic “Méthode Traditionelle” meets even the toughest quality standards. It demands conscious cultivation in the vineyards, a precise selection of grapes, and whole cluster pressing—all factors that have long been fixed components in sekt culture à la Diel. They lay the foundation for the quality of the base wine, followed by bottle fermentation and long lees contact, which conjure those unmistakable aromatics and finest of perlage into the wine. While it is an especially laborious manner of wine production, demanding craftsmanship, precision, intuition, and tremendous touch, it is one that a dedicated sekt producer like Caroline uses as a vehicle for quality and achievement—earning numerous awards and distinctions for her efforts.

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