July 2020

On December 1st, 2019, Caroline won the award for »Winemaker of the Year 2020« by the renowned FAZ restaurant and wine critics Jürgen Dollase and Stephan Reinhardt (also for Parker Wine Advocate). Shortly afterwards, the jury of the

Falstaff Wine Trophy awarded her with the same title. As if that weren’t enough, Wein-Plus, the most famous wine network in Europe, recently honored Caroline for her »Collection of the Year / Nahe«!

»This triple award makes us feel incredibly proud. It’s a great recognition of our work in the recent years! Our thanks go to all our employees, wine enthusiasts and those who believe in us, support us and spur us on.«

–Caroline & Sylvain Diel –

It's official: We are now ‘traditional sekt producers’!

February 2023  

THIS YEAR IS OFF TO A SPARLING START: We’ve just received brilliant news from the Verband der traditionellen Sektmacher e.V.: “Your application to join has been unanimously approved and it was a joy to taste your sekts.”


»Heart and hand craftsmanship« – a cinematic joy

March 2023  

Float with us for 7 minutes in the 7th (wine) heaven! Our new film embodies every aspect of the Diels’ elixir of life, from the bud to the bottle: passion for wine, vineyards, and phenomenal terroir.  


The French have fine taste

February 2023  

… as anyone lucky enough to try Sylvain's cooking can attest.


Our latest Diels!

A great collection for every drinking occasion!

Characteristic: Diel is Diel… and comes in 3 colors and 3 personalities. There is a perfect Diel for every moment! Try out our Diel collection for the 25th anniversary.