Wine harvest 2020 - a dream vintage

November 2020

The weather was lovely and almost like high summer as we kicked off the harvest of sparkling base wines and Pinot-family grapes on September 12. We assembled a superb crew that radiated team spirit and made it easy to dig in on the work day after day, even in these challenging times! That more than made up for the test of patience that the Rieslings demanded from us this year, with the grapes seemingly determined to hang a bit longer than usual to achieve their perfect ripeness. The hard work paid off: we brought in a perfect crop across all quality levels! And this year’s harvest brought forth yet another highlight: a tiny volume of Trockenbeerenauslese from the Goldloch. A prized rarity that involves much labor, a love for detail, a keen eye for selection and unstinting dedication... yet rewards that effort richly.