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Welcome to Schlossgut Diel

Familie Diel
Schlosskeller Caroline

The Winery

Schlossgut Diel is one of the most renowned wineries of the Nahe Region. It is a part of the historic Burg Layen and located in the center of the town Burg Layen.  In addition to first-class Riesling and Burgundy wines, Sekt and Distillate are also produced here.


At Schlossgut Diel, wine production is an intragal and sustainable process that includes the care of the vineyards, harvesting of the grapes and the development and marketing of the bottled wines. The production focuses on the dry and naturally sweet Reislings, supported by the Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. 

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Sparkling Wine

A sparkling wine is only as good as the wine from which it is made, where its quality is already defined in the vineyard. At Schlossgut Diel, the grapes are hand-picked and gently pressed as whole grapes. The fine perlage is produced by a second fermentation in the bottle and a long lenth of contact to the yeast.


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Schlossgut Diel has expanded its assortment of refined Distillates with extraordinary pomace brandy supplimented by Spätburgunder and Riesling Eiswein. The flagship standard remains stored for 20 years in a small wooden oak barrel.


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