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Dry Rieslings

Roughly 500 square kilometers of vineyards worldwide are planted with Riesling, nearly half of them in Germany. Most of those wines are produced dry. What is understood as “typical” Riesling—with its green hues and pale shades of straw that deepen in intensity as the wine matures—is especially beloved for its notably crisp and refreshing acidity and ability to express the character of the site in which it grows. Yet this is not the only thing that makes dry Rieslings so distinctive. In addition to the delicious and unmistakable markers that clearly identify any fine example of a dry Riesling, the inherent minerality of the wine speaks not only for its longevity, but also makes it an ideal candidate as a base wine for sparkling wine production.
Schlossgut Diel holds plots in some of the best vineyards in the Nahe. And what they produce are grapes for thrilling wines with distinct personalities. Power and elegance, body and balance, fruit and minerality...
still and sparkling Riesling wines from Schlossgut Diel offer a sensory journey through the Nahe valley.

• Nahesteiner® Riesling VDP.Gutswein
The Bouquet of Our Soils—A wine perfectly poised between yellow tropical fruit and spice, with a juicy structure and a delicate, lingering finish. A wine of many talents, that appeals as much as an aperitif as with appetizers and light poultry or fish dishes.

• Burg Layen Riesling VDP.Ortswein
Stony Indulgence—This Riesling captures the gentle aromas of white flowers and stone, as well as accents of mint. A dry, classic wine of elegant body, with racy character, cool fruit nuances, and a delicate saline finish. Whether its oysters or shrimp on your plate, this Riesling is the perfect companion to a wide range of seafood. Or simply to whet your appetite before the feast begins!

• Dorsheim Riesling VDP.Ortswein
Fruity Indulgence—A quintessential Riesling ... with smoke and fruit! Apricot, pear, and peach accentuated by a delicate herbal spice. All within a juicy body with elegant length. A Riesling that will pair beautifully with any number of appetizers, as well as fish dishes and poultry.

• “Eierfels”® Dorsheim Riesling VDP.Ortswein
The “Second Wine” from Our GG Site—A loyal adherent to the VDP.Grosses Gewächs style. Aromas of ripe peach, Cox’s Orange Pippin apple, and apricot. A complex wine with finely spiced fruit, a refined structure, and an elegant body, ready to pair with fish, poultry, and veal.

• Burg Layer Hölle Riesling VDP.Erste Lage
Thrilling Minerality—A wine of perfect balance. Spicy aromas, with delicate accents of slate. A juicy body, outlined with a racy minerality. Further mingled with marked aromas of red currant and slate accents. Surprisingly delightful on its own, yet also a stunning companion to a range of shellfish, as well as fresh and saltwater fish.

• Burg Layer Schlossberg Riesling VDP.Erste Lage
Fragrant, Stony and Spicy—Distinguishing features: elegant spicy bouquet of ripe apricots, alongside perfectly balanced minerality and creamy concentration, and a long, lingering finish. This food-friendly Riesling is an ideal pairing partner with fish and shellfish, as well as veal and poultry to highlight its spicy minerality.

• Laubenheimer Krone Riesling VDP.Erste Lage
Rich Fruit—What sets this Riesling apart is its golden color and intense aromatic fireworks of apricot, peach, and flinty accents. It radiates with elegant concentration, refined spice, and a tremendously spicy finish. A delicious delight with shellfish as well as fresh and saltwater fish. And, come to think of it, poultry and veal as well. Not to mention that it's nearly perfect when enjoyed solo.

• Pittermännchen Riesling VDP.Grosses Gewächs
Stony Elegance—a GG with delicate slate notes, minerality through and through with aromas of black currant. The intricate acidity is the perfect counter balance to its elegant fruit concentration. Thrilling finish. A beautiful pairing with shellfish and white meat, as well as enjoyed entirely on its own.

• Goldloch Riesling VDP.Grosses Gewächs
Spicy Fruit—A GG offering aromatic fireworks of apricot and peach, with flint accents. It reveals elegant fruit concentration, fine spice, and an opulent finish. An honest-to-goodness charmer... It is the ideal complement to hearty fish dishes and, with a few years of bottle maturation, our favorite with Coq au Riesling!

• Burgberg Riesling VDP.Grosses Gewächs
Chiseled Delight—The purist... finesse and elegance, length and depth. The spicy body shows sinewy strength, while a fine smokiness speaks to its Burgundian inspiration. A perfect pairing partner with smoked or grilled salmon, Vitello Tonnato and other hearty white meats.

• Riesling Réserve Sekt VDP. Sekt Prestige
Sparkling Passion—Refined aromas of red currant and subtle accents of flint. Elegant body with a delicate mousse. A sparkling wine to inspire the palate and leave you wanting more. The perfect aperitif! Seafood, freshwater fish, and poultry are also delicious pairing partners.

• Goldloch Riesling Sekt VDP.Sekt Prestige
Steadfast & Elegant—A sekt of refined leesiness, as well as hints of peach, a spicy minerality and a long finish. The perfect sekt for connoisseurs looking for a bottle of uncompromising elegance. A sophisticated aperitif. This sekt also makes an exceptional pairing with fish and poultry.