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Kitchen is possible - Raumland

March 2021
We have dared to tread new terrain, with an exciting digital premiere called “Kitchen is Possible.” The live cooking show, featuring sisters Marie-Luise and Katharina from Sekthaus Raumland as our guests, has been tremendous fun not just for us, but also for our viewers and co-chefs!


Wine harvest 2020 - a dream vintage

November 2020

The weather was lovely and almost like high summer as we kicked off the harvest of sparkling base wines and Pinot-family grapes on September 12. We assembled a superb crew that radiated team spirit and made it easy to dig in on the work day after day, even in these challenging times!


The 2020 Vintage

January 2021

A third straight very dry and very warm year pushed our vines to the limit. Thanks in no small part to their old, deep roots and a solid replenishment of the water table back in February, they passed the test with flying colors. 



Jul1 2020
Preserve the old, dare to make something new! This is true of our flagship wine »Diel de Diel«, a cuvée of juicy Pinot Blanc, spicy Pinot Gris and fresh Riesling. This unique wine has been an incredible success story that began even before its premiere in Lufthansa Business Class.



February 2019
On December 1st, 2019, Caroline won the award for »Winemaker of the Year 2020« by the renowned FAZ restaurant and wine critics Jürgen Dollase and Stephan Reinhardt (also for Parker Wine Advocate).


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